Jan 21, 2016

The Osthoffs | WindScene Cover Family

I have a story about this cover image. First of all, they are a lovely, amazing family who were just great to photograph. But let's talk about those sweet doggies. I love dogs, and there's something about the way I photograph families and that makes them want to be in the picture. But sometimes they don't want to look or pose. They are not easily directed!

Because I take several frames of the same pose, if I can, I'll use Photoshop to retouch the image so that I've got everyone looking at me, even the pets. Both the mom and I noticed that one of the boxers was too far away from the group, so I retouched that part too!

I'm always looking for new Windward area families to feature in the magazine, so if you have someone you think would be good for an issue of the magazine (including yourself!), contact me.

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