Oct 22, 2011

Family Portraits in the Old Town | Marietta GA Family Photographer

I love, love, love old places like historic Marietta where we shot these photos last week. Although I have a great fondness indoor photography, my heart really belongs to these great location shoots. After I came home from the shoot, I told my husband how much I was in my element.

Today, though, I was on the other side of the camera. A good friend and fellow photographer Stacey took my family's photos, and it was a good reminder how it feels to be the subject. The shoot itself was awesome, but beforehand, I had major trepidation about our clothes, even though I know very well how to put together attire for a shoot. Then there was the hair, the makeup, and worrying that the location I had chosen wouldn't work out. Well, it all came together, just like last week's shoot did. But after today, I have a new appreciation for my clients! It's definitely worth it though. When you're all done, you have amazing family portraits like these!

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