Dec 2, 2010

All of Us | Alpharetta GA Family Photographer

It's been a goal of mine to display more of my art in our home especially since I have so many beautiful images. But I'm busy doing photos for my clients, so it's been low on my priority list. However, Christmas is coming; things are not as crazy as they were a few weeks ago, and I've found some great deals on frames that are going to be perfect! 

While I was editing the big family photo, I kept on thinking, 'Oooh, how would this look in a square frame?' So, I had to use my little photoshopping skills to find out.

Yeah, I knew it would look good. (Grin.)

Thanks to, I was able to make the wood texture in Photoshop from scratch. 

Here's the unframed version. Love the fall colors.

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