Sep 21, 2010

Little Sweetie | Roswell GA Children's Photographer

I am so thrilled I got a portrait of this little sweetie while we were on a playdate today. When I emailed the photo to her mom, she asked whether or not I had edited out the "boo boos" and mosquito bites or if the camera just didn't see it. That comment really made me smile. I did edit this photo, actually, quite a bit. But the results (I hope) make it look like the camera really saw it that way (grin).

Here's what I did:

1. Upped the exposure.
2. Cloned my son out of the background.
3. Cloned out the "boos boos."
4. Brightened the subject.
5. Brightened and sharpened the eyes.
6. Blurred, added noise, and blurred again the edges and background.
7. Desaturated the edges and the background slightly.
8. Sharpened the subject.
9. Upped the vibrance of the image.
Ta Da!

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