Jun 15, 2010

Hurray for Grandkids! | Suwanee GA Family Photographer

I love grandparents and grandkids shoots! There's something so wonderful about capturing those two generations, and this family was no exception. I especially love the group shot. It seems like some group shots are just so tough to arrange and pose, but this one came together very easily.

Posting my images on the blog just doesn't do justice to the clarity and size of the high res images. I cropped this image down to a 4x6 of the dog (who's smiling too!) and you can see how clear it is!

Family group images are becoming my signature "shot." I love getting one of all the siblings together!

Even though this was a grandpa and grandma/grandkids shoot, our clients made sure Grandpa got one shot with his daughter!

This is Jacob's favorite shot. Makes him smile!

It was such a sunny day that we used a umbrellas to create shade for each of the shots. I love the candid I caught of these two playing with one of the extra umbrellas.

Sometimes the best shots are when I catch my clients off guard. Lovin' this one!

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