Mar 22, 2010

A Family in Winter: Family Portrait Session

Before spring is entirely upon us, I better post these gorgeous family photos I did when the weather was (for us in Geogira, at least) wintery. This couple's little boy is about the same age as my son, so I knew what would make him smile: running, exploring, and the Thomas the Tank Engine "Roll Call" song . . . "There's two; there's four; there's six; there's eight. Shunting coal and hauling freight . . ." That resulted in my favorite picture (fifth one down), so I don't mind that I looked a little silly singing and shooting. My other faves are the the bird's eye couple shots (which the mom used to surprise her hubby on Valentine's). I love those pictures because they're beautiful, but also because I climbed up on top of a dumpster so I have a good perspective. So fun!

I love taking a series of photos that clients could put in a frame like the example below. Too precious!