Oct 11, 2008

A Little About Me: Alpharetta Photographer

Meet Marchet Butler, photographer

I didn't start out taking photos. My primary interest in art was illustration and (as I got older) design. As the daughter of a graphic designer, I got first-hand experience in the subtle art of choosing typefaces and making even a book report look like something out of a magazine. Dad's influence left a lasting impression on me: if it's worth reading, it's worth looking good.

In school, I chose to pursue other interests. By the end of college, I was certified to teach English, business, and computer classes at the secondary level. When I got my first teaching job, I was assigned to be the yearbook adviser along with the other classes I was to teach. What else would you do with a teacher who has an obvious flair for design, writing, and who knew her salt when it came to computers? Actually, it was a perfect fit. At that point, I didn't even know how to work a digital camera, but I knew I could learn.

Four years later, I was known in the family as the photo nut. I constantly toted a camera and happily took portraits at family gatherings. Although I didn't know it, this was the beginning of my photography career.

Later, after our son was born and I had left the world of teaching, I tried having photos taken at a few studios around town. Both Jacob and I weren't satisfied with what the studios were offering. Prints cost how much? ($?!) And you won't sell it to us on CD? So, we toyed with the idea of opening a little photography business of our own. Our idea was to offer reasonably-priced photography on CD and let the client order the prints on their own. After all, that's the kind of photography we were interested in; wouldn't other people like that as well?

Our little photography business is no longer just a dream. Besides offering something that has real value to our clients, photography has given me an outlet to use my talents. Besides having a chance to create beautiful photos, I've expanded my knowledge of photography software, design, and printing. I've met wonderful families, parents, and kids. And I've been able to honor my commitment to be a full-time mom by designing shoots so I can bring my little one with me.

Meanwhile, I'm expanding my photography repertoire. Right now, I'm experimenting with some do-it-yourself light modifiers for my external flash. And I've been doing a little more location scouting. There are some gorgeous spots here in Alpharetta and I can't wait to shoot in fall foliage!

I shouldn't end this post without a big thanks to my aunt and fellow photographer, Terry Tronier, for these portraits. I visited my aunt and my grandparents in South Carolina recently and mentioned to Terry that I wanted some pictures of me doing photography. (That's the tough part about being a photographer; you don't get shots of yourself very often!) Terry happily obliged and we had a fun, although somewhat damp, photo shoot at Hopeland Gardens.

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  1. Love your new Haircut. Love your photos. I am glad that you have found something that you are pastionate at, and gives you an opportunity to be creative.