Jan 23, 2010

Love: Engagement Portrait Session

The first day of the year was my first shoot of the year for this fabulous couple. We had several spots we wanted to use in the area, but it was COLD! So, we went back to the car several times to warm up and review the images we shot. Thanks for being such great sports!

My favorite photos are the first and the last. The first because it took some doing to find a place where I could climb up to shoot a bird's eye view of the couple (and because even though it's tricky, I love doing that!) The last one is also a fave because it tells a bit of their story: the two met and fell in love at a convention for the National Federation for the Blind. I'm so thrilled I could make these engagement portraits.

Bird's eye view portrait of the couple laying on brickwork and looking at eachother
Close up view of the couple touching foreheads and smiling at eachother
Wide shot of couple holding hands with Roswell City Hall in the background
Medium shot of couple giving a squeeze looking at each other
Vertical and horizontal shot of engagement ring on cotton plant
Vertical shot of couple walking down a path and looking at each other
Black and White and Color shots of couple kissing on the bridge, silhouetted and with a slight lens flare
Two walking canes leaning against the side of the bridge with the couple out of focus in the background

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